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Let me tell you a story. One morning, I wake up in the mode to edit a picture. So I go downstairs, turn on my computer and wait. When everything is fully loaded, I open Mozilla Firefox and google ‘HQ -insert celeb here-‘. I download the picture of chosen celeb and edit it using a little program called GIMP. After i finish editing, I stare at it for a while and shrug ‘good enough’. Then I go and login to tumblr ready to post this. But what do I see on my dashboard? QUALITY GRAPHICS AND GIFS EVERYWHERE . Left and right there are pretty textures and HQ gifs with the tag ‘mine/my stuff/my shizzle ect ect. All of those under 500 kb. I promptly delete the picture and just reblog all of yours. You all beautify my dash. Follow them all if you want to bask in the beauty of their graphics and gifs like I do.

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